Acknowledgment, pledge and Student commitment charter

I acknowledge the following:

First: I never joined Philadelphia University and was dismissed from it disciplinarily.

Second: I have never joined a university or college and was dismissed from it disciplinary.

Third: Commitment to the university’s regulations and instructions.

Fourth: I do not currently work at Philadelphia University, nor do I work in any entity that requires prior approval for the study.

Fifthly: I have no right to demand a refund of the fees paid in the event of withdrawal from or abandonment of the study.

Sixth: I have no right to object to the company …………… to provide information about my academic career to my guardian or the emitting body.

Seventh: All the information and documents provided by me for the purpose of accepting one of the training programs are correct.

Eighth: I pledge to respect the regulations and instructions of the university and the company …………and to preserve its reputation and to abide by all that elevates it and shows it with what suits it in terms of its scientific and social standing. I also pledge not to misuse facilities and equipment, pay attention to cleanliness, and not throw waste except in designated containers. And not to smoke inside the buildings. I also pledge to renounce violence and not resort to it at all, and not to utter vulgar or vulgar phrases. Being honest, trustworthy, not cheating, observing public morals, correct behavior, decent appearance and good manners in my dealings with my professors, colleagues, employees of the company and their guests.

Ninth: I am aware of the disciplinary instructions, the penalty of which may reach final dismissal, if I commit any of the following: (Possession of alcoholic or narcotic drinks, abuse or promotion of them within the university and the company, or the student’s attendance at the university while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, or discrimination and harassment).

Tenth: I know that the installments through the company directly are a maximum of nine months.

Eleven: I have looked at the topics of the program that I want to register for and understand them well.

Twelfth: He must provide the following supporting documents upon request (1- A copy of the ID card, 2- A copy of the passport for non-Jordanians, 3- A high school certificate, if any).

Based on the foregoing, my acceptance shall be considered void if the university or the company finds the opposite of what is stated above, and I am not entitled to claim any fees as a result of this cancellation.
The employee who was registered in front of the student.