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Applied Training Diploma in Cyber Security

This course is in collaboration and integration with Jordan’s Philadelphia University and Green Circle company and will be available on the web through live video sessions and virtual labs.

Online Training Diploma in Cyber Security for Beginners and Professionals

Learn the entire spectrum of Cyber Security from lessons that range from beginners’ level to advanced. Get taught by industry experts while gaining recognized certificates to advance your career.

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Your new learned skills with help elevate your existing job or to get a new job in Cyber Security.

Cyber Security is a Booming Industry

Job opportunities for people with cyber skills are increasing like never before. Based on ‘The Burning Glass Analysis of Employer Demand in Postings’; the skills projected to grow the fastest in the next five years are:

  • Application Development Security by 164%
  • Cloud Security by 115%
  • Risk Management by 60%
  • Threat Intelligence 41%
  • Incident Response by 37%
  • Compliance and Controls by 36%
  • Data Privacy and Security by 36%
  • Access Management by 32%
  • Security Strategy and Governance by 20%
  • Health Information Security by 20%
Salaries for Cyber Security

Diploma in Cyber Security

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Applied Training Diploma in Cyber Security is the key discipline and function of moving to the next step of your life and choose your path career,

with a global focus. You will learn from qualified teachers, which will prepare you well and give you the skills you need. 

Our Diploma Programs are regularly updated so they match the latest industry best practices, which means you will be able to use the knowledge and skills you gain when looking for a job and establishing your career.